My Spirit Guidance

Because no one else knows how…

You feel so stressed out since you often agree to help others while you desperately need this time and energy to take care of your own needs. You spend all this time on others, and in return the most you get are empty words of praise. If you spend any time and money on yourself you feel anxious and guilty while doing the same for other people makes you feel good rather than bad.

You have trouble with boundaries, speaking up for yourself, and saying “no”. At times, you let people mistreat or take advantage of your kindness because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, let them down, or create a conflict. You’re self-critical and set unrealistic expectations for yourself while treating your own imperfections and mistakes with harshness. You feel responsible for everything and everyone and you’re afraid to upset or disappoint others.

You catch yourself thinking things like:

  • What if when I say No people stop being my friend?
  • What if I don’t say sorry even when its not my fault and people hate me for it?
  • What if I do what I want and nobody likes me?
  • What if I really don’t know what I want?
  • What If when I stop helping others people will abandon me?
  • What if when I get upset nobody will like me?

In a blink of an eye you have lost so many years of your life where you gave everything away to others without getting much back except a few words. You watched everyone you helped thrive while you never got the same help in return. The heartbreaking truth is unless you take action now you will always remain an unsung hero who helps everyone get ahead in life, while you stay stuck, overlooked and unfulfilled.

Its true things could get worse, but if you reach out now they could start getting better.

I can help you like I have helped many others. You are in the right place.

I know how hard it is to struggle and wonder if things will ever get better. I have dedicated my life to help other people stand up for themselves and set necessary boundaries when needed. I know how to help people.

I also know how hard it is to reach out and get started with a session. I promise to do everything I can to make your next steps as easy as possible.

I am glad you re here I want you to know things can start getting better today.