so here is the deal I believe there are 3 types of consciousness: knee jerk automatic reaction, normal consciousness and super-consciousness.

knee jerk automatic consciousness is when someone punches us we punch him back or cuts us off, we try to cut him off. It happens without any thought processes. Like knee jerk reaction when hit with a hammer. No consciousness applied, just pure instinct and gut reaction. most of us, most of the time live there. This is why most people are in some kinda trance all day long. This is why there is so much senseless violence.

The normal consciousness is we actually critically thinking and evaluating our actions and its consequence before we make them, simply applying consciousness and choosing what we do rather than just react. In this case if someone cuts us off, we won’t automatically give them the finger, because we understand violence begets violence. If everybody applied consciousness to their action the world be so much kinder, so much less violence. People would think before they harmed and hurt someone else, and see the pointlessness of it. People would act more altruistically because they could see the power of altruism.

Super-consciousness is when we let the intelligence of All-that-is take us over. I once saw a masterful saxiphonist play so beautifully. I asked him how is that he played so beautifully. He said he doesnt play the sax, it plays him. I asked him how long did it take the sax to play him, he said 12 years. Thats super-consciousness when we become an instrument of the universal intelligence and let it use us to create beauty and magnificence.

But wouldnt it be amazing if our knee jerk human reaction was that of altruism, kindness rather than viciousness? I mean they always say violence is human nature intrinsically. That would assume that our knee jerk nature is to act in violence and unkindness. What if thats not true.

This is where this video comes in. It shows us clearly that altruism is very much a part of a toddler who hasnt yet “learned” to be violent, self centred, and egotistical.

We are born beautiful good whole, the world in its present state robs us of our innocence. Imagine how magical the world would be where we wouldnt “learn” to be violent and unkind and rather we stayed innocent and kind