If you are reading this, you probably feel like its time to finally reach out. You are just so tired of missing out on the hidden treasures in your life. It’s very hard to make informed decisions that help you and serve the world when you have lost touch with your inner divine wisdom. You keep repeating the same painful mistakes over and over again. You are so tired of living your life with such confusion and lack of clarity.

I became an intuitive guide because I had someone who helped me when I needed it the most. I found someone who finally understood what I was struggling with and knew how to get me through it. I felt such a profound sense of salvation and grace that I knew I wanted to help others who had also had a difficult life like I had. I care because I know what it’s like to live a life with no guidance, and no sense of orientation. I missed out on so many opportunities in my life consistently while repeatedly making the same costly mistakes over and over again. It means a lot to me to help others because I know how the lack of clarity causes us to make the wrong decisions and end up in the wrong place wrong time all the time.

It matters to me because I believe we all deserve to live happy fulfilling lives. I know that not everyone had a healthy, happy, fair childhood and I truly believe that shouldn’t stop you from being able to access your inner divine guidance. I worked with a client who couldn’t give themselves permission to stop reading a poorly written book for fear of offending the author. I helped them learn to listen their inner guidance and establish healthy boundaries that lead them to do what is best for them. I had  a client who couldn’t get out of an abusive 17 year relationship for fear of hurting the feelings of their abuser. I helped them access their inner guidance which got them to see its ok to take care of their own needs. By the ability to access their inner guidance, my clients get to have empowering and enriching life experiences that they never had before. Experiences I believe every human deserves to have. I want you to be able to access your inner divine guidance and make important decisions confidently that will lead you to have a life full of love, respect, care and affection

I know how hard it is to have so little clarity in life. I know how bad it feels to get stuck in a difficult situation because you didn’t have the inner guidance to make better decisions. I know how bad it feels to constantly miss out on important life opportunities. I know the hopelessness you feel when you constantly make the same painful mistakes repeatedly.

I have dedicated my life to helping people live a life guided and aligned with spirit. so that they can have a fulfilling life.

I know your life has been hard but it’s about to get better.