About me


Let’s face it I’ve always been interested in consciousness since a very young age. I read all the books by Carlos Castaneda starting at age 13. I used to tell my mom: “you are telling me the whole point of this life is to be born, have a job, get married, and then die?” somehow that seemed such an incredibly mediocre reason to be alive for me. So yes, I was actively seeking ways to make sense of this world. I was an avid reader and thought a lot about the reason people do what they do. 

Granted I made many huge changes in my life. I left my home country at age 21 and never looked back. I lived in various countries. People always told me “oh Hamid you have changed so much!” and yet I never felt I changed even a little bit. No matter what country I was living in, what language I was speaking, I always felt incredibly stuck being my old version of me. Once a friend said something that was right on. She said: “maybe all your changes have been cosmetic so far” And by God was she right. It was like I was the same book, but kept changing the cover, while the imperfect contents of the book remained very much the same. 

And then in 2001 miraculously and with immense thanks to spirit I discovered my inner child therapist. And since then I have been changing who I am every few weeks if not every few days. And by change I don’t mean just cosmetic changes, but fully changing my entire Operating System, my whole consciousness. I venture to say I am so deeply different from the person I was even 6 months ago that I would not recognize that person, let alone who I was 10 years ago. 

You know I like to talk about magic a lot. And one definition of a magical being to me is someone who does NOT follow a predicable trajectory. Its like you are on point A and a predictable trajectory would be you would end up in point C in 3 years. Well I gotta tell you, when you live a guided life, when you connect to your inner family system and experience magic on a daily basis, it would be impossible to predict the trajectory of your life even 3 months from now, let alone 3 years. And that has been story of my life in the last 20 years. I ve hardly ever known where I am going to end up next, and I have loved it 😊 

You know, I was a product of a difficult marriage, so a lot of times I had to play mediator for my whole family. That’s when I discovered just how much I not only enjoy giving people some guidance, but also that I have a knack for it. So when spirit got me to study to become a life coach, that immediately became something that deeply resonated with me. Because all my life I had not just been looking for a career but a calling. A way to be of service to create a win win win solution for us all which helps alleviate suffering for us all. 

Admittedly, My inner child therapy work was not easy. It took me months to get to a place of clarity. I went from being completely emotionally shut down and with no guidance to a place that I can now reach my internal guidance at any time. This helps me get immediate feedback about any decision I want to make. This guidance has saved me 100s of times so far. 

What have I done during my journey in the last 20 years? Here are a few things



I got my aikido black belt in 9 years. Something not usually done unless one is extremely dedicated while not necessarily athletically gifted. But that was my inner teen’s explicit guidance to restore my badly bruised self-image and confidence while boosting my ability to defend myself. This in turn lead me to a place that I no longer cower away from confrontation. I stand my ground, and I speak my truth


I did a practice called rebirthing that almost killed me while the practitioner claimed he is going to keep me safe. Thanks to the access to my inner family I saved my own life. This process of rebirthing while extremely brutal helped me release a ton of negative energy inside me

Burning Man
I went to burning man 13 times that radically opened me up and brought me a ton of guidance about everything from how to connect with people to nature of my own lack of spontaneity. My relationship with burning man community also got me into 1000s of parties and connected me to 1000s of new friends, while before I had 0 connections
Men's Group work, Life Coaching

I got into deep and comprehensive men’s group work which then lead to a very innovative coaching program. This work really healed my extremely negative approach to men. It also taught me how to help people in a significant way. During this program I also learned how to be of service to women, and understand them better

Improv Theater
I started doing improv theater which has been for the last 10 years off and on. This journey took me from a guy who was too shy and nervous to perform even in an empty theater to someone who can entertain 1000s of people effortlessly. It also helped me become comfortable in my own skin and be easy to connect with people.

I post these because every single one of these massive changes in my life only became possible thanks to the guidance, I got from spirit and connection with my inner family system. And that’s exactly what I want for you.

 I want you to have this priceless access to your internal guidance system as well. I want you to be your own authority and have the ability to effortlessly discern what is the right thing to do for you at any given moment in your life.

A little more about me: 

  • I am deeply intuitive, some people may call it psychic. I can access non local consciousness and “channel”. I am also very adept in dream interpretation.
  • I ve lived in many different counties on this planet and speak 6 languages.
  • Right now I am living with the love of my life with whom I ve a connection well beyond this reality matrix
  • I love playing cards against humanity and feel life is too important to take seriously 😊
  • I ve a degree in computer science and while not a psychologist, I have always been a student of human behavior
  • I ve been a web and graphic designer for 20 years or so, I made this site myself 😊

All pictures are from Bangkok Imrpov Theater 2017, 2018