You see I dont consider masculinity or femininity as so biologically determined rather energy types if you will. Masculine, Yang, Light, Positive. Feminine,Yin, Dark, Negative.

Looking at the masculine and feminine qualities as energies rather than being body based allows me to see the glorious importance of the presence of both of these qualities in generous parts and in balance in both Gods and Goddesses.

We live in a society which stereotypes masculinity and allows only a certain type of qualities associated with it. Men are supposed to be strong, clear, decisive, but not emotional. In fact the only emotions men are allowed to have is anger and frustration. They are also not vulnerable, not sensitive, not receptive. Any type a man is any of those qualities not sanctioned by society that man is considered weak and a sissy. Conversely women are only supposed to have certain qualities such as softness, emotionalizes, vulnerability, receptivity. Any time a woman is strong, reasonable, directive, often she is considered to be a bit*h.

Now I believe both of these qualities are equally tremendously important,. Softness is beautiful for both men and women, so is strength, clarity, vulnerability, receptivity, being in touch with emotions, decisiveness. A God needs to have all those qualities in big proportion, and so does a Goddess.

There is another thing that happens though. Often enough, living in a highly alienating, adversarial world we live in. People develop a very deeply masculine armoured outside, while their inside is soft and chewy and easily crumbled. When I say people I mean both men and women, are programmed to be soft, easy, fragile, easy to break on the inside, and rigid,armored, not vulnerable on the outside.

Now to me thats not the definition of a God or a Goddess. To me thats the very opposite of it, being programmed in the above way causes a bunch of fragile sad easily offended thin skin rigid people who have very lil access to their divinity, joy, pleasure, passion and creativity if any.

To me the highest power in the world is power to be vulnerable, authentically vulnerable at that. So much so that you are a martial arts master, like Osensei the founder of Aikido who would bow down when he met you and you could cut his head off, if you decided. Now thats power of a God or Goddess.

Visually speaking this kinda structure of consciousness in a human being connected to Source is when we have a super vulnerable soft feminine energy on the outside, expansively through and through, but our core is made of pure graphene, not even steel, but graphene, which is 50000 times stronger than steel. Thats our masculine core. Having such a vastly powerful masculine core affords us the ability to be authentically vulnerable yet never ever fragile.

To me the best example of this is Wonder Woman who is pretty much half naked and fully vulnerable, but any time someone attacks her she just gently deflects all the attacks with the super powerful dense material of her bracelets.

So there you have it my definition of a true God and Goddess is very much aligned with the idea of Wonder Woman.