These are some of the ways I treat my Goddess

• Never having an agenda when I touch her, so if i m playing with her elbow, I am playing with her elbow maybe for an hour without it needing to lead to anything, because I just enjoy doing it so much in and out of itself.

• Staying present and listening to her. I like to play with her body like the most exquisite musical instrument, playing with it to create the most exquisite divine music

• Telling her what a privilege and pleasure is to spend time with her and how much I love and lust for her

• Seeing her being magic even when she doesn’t think she is being magic, and reminding her of how much a magical Goddess I really feel she is.

• Touching, and being there for her in a way which shows i m going to take care of her, and she doesn’t have to take care of me. This would be by touching her confidently, showing her I know what I am doing because I know how to massage her and bring her pleasure, this also means I can appreciate, and respect her as well as prompt her to tell me her boundaries, so that we can have an amazing harmonious time. After all if I don’t hear her authentic NO, I would never know what her authentic YES is.

• Being really really turned on by her, without ever making her have the responsibility to do anything about it. My turn on is mine, and mine to enjoy, if I treat it as such she would feel flattered, if I make my turn on her responsibility, something that she should take care of, that would turn her off immediately. By making my turn on mine I make that into something that makes me alluring, and exciting for her, rather something for her to avoid and be afraid of.

• Pleasuring her sexually without expecting her to do anything in return, I would love her to do please me as well. But this is not why I please her, I do it because I love to do it, I want her to do it when she loves to do it to, when she is present and enjoying to do it, not because she feels obligated

• Letting her go and be and do what she needs rather than clinging to her, white knuckling and keeping her chained to me.

• Letting her own her own body and share it with whoever she wants, while knowing she has my full blessing and love, as long she gives me the same freedom

• Never losing sight of just how much I love and appreciate her, and how grateful I am for having her in my life, and by consistently reminding her of that. Again I don’t do this to fish for compliments from her, but because I genuinely feel she is the crown jewel of creation whose company is such an honour, and feel that in every cell of my body

• Being generous to her, when i may not be even able to afford it, because her happiness makes me so happy, and having her receive me so fully is such a healing gift to me

• Believing in her and her super powers even and especially in the moments she has forgotten about said super powers

• Never making myself small, never hiding my light, never hiding my joy, my need for freedom, creativity, self-expression just to make her happy. Because I believe we are both here together to grow, and if either of us wants to hold the other back, so that the only way to be together is being small, then I would want to end that relationship abruptly,

• Taking responsibility for what I feel, and not taking what she says and does personally

• Fully appreciating, wanting, savouring, loving her as a sexual Goddess, lusting after her and at the same time not making the nature of our relationship only sexual, and physical. So if I am in a situation that she wouldn’t want to be sexual, I still enjoy being with her enormously, spending time with her enormously, by cuddling with her, talking to her, dancing with her, watching a movie with her, cooking with her. Its her, the precious time I spend with her that matters so much and not her being sexual all the time. This in turn relaxes her so that she would soon be interested in sex again.

How do you find a Goddess that you would treat as such you may ask? You find your Goddess by believing you are a great man who deserves to have a Goddess, and that you are the prize, that by being with you she will benefit greatly as she surely will.

So gentlemen this is how I would treat my Goddess, how would you treat your Goddess? And Goddess what do you think? Please share!