so here is the deal, law of attraction works best and its at its most magical when its based on vibrational alignment, as opposed to any other way. But matrix has no magic thus it can not detect / create vibrational alignment, thus is created the sinister fetishistic world of materialism.

Allow me to elaborate. You see the most powerful and authentic way of having vibrational alignment is through setting up parameters which are loose and at the same time solid. if this sounds a lil bit like a paradox it is because it is, like most other worthwhile things worth paying attention to.

What do I mean by loose parameter. I mean when I have a sense of what is that I am looking for, what is that I want to attract.

For example I have blanket intentions like I want situations in my life where everybody wins, and it alleviates suffering. This consideration is the bedrock of all the situations and relationships I seek in my life. But this is not enough, not enough clarity, not enough direction, therefore not enough direction for the universe to create absolute magic in my life. No I need to do much more homework, getting to know myself much better.

We need to have a through understanding of what it is that we most enjoy, what it is that we most need. Not personified or exemplified in a single person/object, rather the qualities of such a person, object. experience. The better we know these qualities and internal attractions the more we allow the universe create absolute magic and incredible miracles in our lives. The less we know what authentically turns us on, the more room for matrix and its nefarious subsidies to hijack our attention and intention by creating false materialistic desires in us.

This is why I believer there is NOTHING wrong with material and everything wrong with materialism.

I used to believe in this idea of creative visualization and all its ramifications as portrayed in spirituality 101 documentary “secret” . But now I know better. In fact I know the more we picture something with all its set qualities the more we actually stand in the way of the universe to give us what we actually want/need/desire and make it possible to have others hijack our pure desire.

If i creatively visualized a ferrari testa rosso for 6 months, every day with all its glamour, shine, smell, what not, even more potent with my own feelings and emotions, parked in front of my door. Guess what the universe will give me that, I will walk out and there would be a ferrari parked in front of my door, except it wont be mine, which would be a kind of a bummer.

And this is why the world of matrix is so obsessed and programs us to be obsessed with objects. celebs, events, whatever. Because we are programmed that we cant have magic of our own, so might as well find some solace, in fake magic, in that object/thing/famous person, which at one point or other touched magic.

And guess what we do, we are running in a rat race to get these shiny objects all the time, except they make us happy for a fleeting moment, they make us feel more empty than before, which we then cover up by drugs, alcohol, tv, gambling, whatever. So in that sense that material, that product is absolutely toxic to us, it makes us more disconnected from Source.

Now imagine instead of all of these material possessions we listened within, really tuned in and felt what is that I really want, how can I grow? what kinda experience do I really wanna give myself? How do I want to treat myself? How do I want to show myself I love me and care about me? How do I reward myself for all the hard work I do in the world?

Also its worth mentioning that when we dont get what we vibrationally align with thats when we dont enjoy it as much, thats also how we end up wasting our hard earned money on things we dont feel we enjoy at all.

We then listen to that internal compass and hey if what it says is a chocolate icecream or trip to rio, so be it. But the most important thing is to set those parameters, those intentions, and then stay fluid and be blown away by the magic and the miracles the benevolent universe would keep putting in our life, every day better than before